Crushing on You






As he sat down beside me, butterflies began to flutter in my tummy. Then he smiled my way and my heart took off racing. Why is this happening to me? I knew he was going to sit there, just like he does every day. No matter how many times I see him or talk to him, I still cannot get used to it; but there is something intriguing about him. Maybe it’s the way his hair flips or the way he laughs! I just wish I could find out so I would stop getting so flustered when I try to talk to him. Jesus, why???

When a twinkling feeling sparks in our hearts because of a real cutie, we usually freak out and our brains detach all commination from our hearts. Meaning, our actions and behaviors usually are pursued from what we feel, instead of taking a moment to think and proceed with our actions. In fact, there is a trick to slow down your heart and connect back to what your brain is saying: just breath! Breathing lets us take a moment to collect what all is going on, giving us a minute to think before we react.

Another thing we tend to do when we have a crush, is over analyze every detail. For example, you might say to yourself: “He said hi to me today, but all I did was wave… I should have asked him how his day was going!” It is nice that you are trying to have the best intentions; however, do not stress so much about it. Let everything come naturally and just be yourself! Always keep in mind, the real you are worthy of love and God has big plans for you.

I find it so helpful when I pray about my crush. It brings my heart peace and helps me remember that no matter what happens, if this guy is meant to be a part of my life as my husband or boyfriend or friend, God has a plan. If he is not meant to be a part of my life, that is okay! I had the amazing opportunity to care and pray for him! I think that is the best thing you can have between a person! Go ahead and try it out! Pray about your crush, Jesus wants to hear about your feelings and how you are infatuated by another child He dearly loves!


Workout for Jesus



Recently I was inspired to work out for Jesus! While I had started to do so, I received many questions asking why I was waking up at 5am every morning to work out for an hour. The only answer I could say was “I do it for Jesus”. Although if they had proceeded to want more details from me, I would be a loss for words. I knew in my heart it was what God wanted me to do and I knew it was supported in the Bible, but I could not explain it to another person and that bothered me.

I craved to know exactly how to justify my story of why I work out and how I included God in it. So I started researching; looking up articles that included how to treating myself as a holy temple, specifically my physical body. I came across an article named “If You Want to Change Your Life Start with Your Body” by Pastor Rick Warren. This article blew my mind! It explained exactly why we should treat our bodies right and how it honors God.

The writer, Rick Warren, stated three points of how and why we can take care of our minds, bodies, and souls for Jesus! The second point was named Care for Your Body and was followed by the verse Ephesians 5:29 “No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it, just as Christ cares for the church”. Look through Jesus’ eyes to see a glimpse of way he loves us and think about the way He would want us to take care of the bodies that He died for. If what you are doing praises and brings honor to God, then it is an act of worship.

Once I read this article it was like all the puzzle pieces were coming together in my mind. Putting God into my workouts make it far more enjoyable and worth getting up at 5am. I want to praise and worship God by working out, for he is the only one who can bring me strength to keep on going.

“God created it. Jesus died for it. The spirit lives in it. I’d better take care of it.” –Pastor Rick Warren

Create An Environment You Can Thrive In



In this world success is key and just by checking out this blog post, we all want to be our best selves in every way. So are these standards possible? Yes! God created us to be filled up with his fruits daily, this way we may reach our highest potential. Granted, in order to do so you have to get real tight with Jesus. This means to have a relationship with Him and to let Jesus be your success in life.

First and for most, it is all about doing what is best for God. Doing what is best goes from spending time with God daily to eating a healthy meal. Even your environment can do a lot to your mental and physical health. When your environment is bad it will deprive and stress you out. By being in this destructive state you are not properly getting refilled with God’s fruits. Furthermore, what is happening to you is that you are giving out all of what you have and leaving yourself empty. To stress the importance of a good environment, having nothing left inside of you means you cannot give much more to work, family members, friends, and even yourself. This can lead to depression and feeling helpless.


Here is a simple way to find/create an environment you can thrive in! The first step is knowing what kind of environment you are in by observing your surroundings.

Some questions to ask yourself to see if you are in nurturing environment:

  • Is it a place you can rest?
  • Is it place flourishing with energy to liven you up?
  • Do you feel like your settings are inspiring you?
  • Do you feel like you can put out your best work right now?
  • Do you feel comfortable praying to God here?

If the answers to these questions are no, then it is an unhealthy environment. You might feel limited and not able to express what is truly you.


The next step is to do some more observation of yourself or jog your memory to the times you worked/felt at your best and write down why you think it is. It could be as simple to having plants in the room, being by the window, having music on, or even the kind of people around you. Once we all find the environment that we thrive in, we should try our best to be able to go there during our day. You deserve it!

How To Let God Heal Your Heart.


How To Let God Heal Your Heart.

         To let God be the center of our lives we should let Him be in the enter the center of our hearts. Especailly when our hearts our broken. God knows we are not perfect. He is here when we are weak and broken.Life is not a fixed perfect path. It is tainted. Life is not easy, there is pain. There are days when I want to stay in my sweats and just let myself believe that life sucks. Heartbreak hurts and that’s okay. These feelings are valid! You are human full of emotions. Take those emotioins and express them to Jesus. By doing that we are inviting God into our hearts and letting Him renew it. I ask that you avoid all directions that lead to letting other substances and people be the bandaid over your heart. This is not helping your heart heal.

Love is a beautiful thing. Don’t let the world distort your vision. Lay your heart on the heavenly word. God has given you gifts in this world… Appreciate them and serve God through them.

“Those who sow with tears
    will reap with songs of joy.
Those who go out weeping,
    carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
    carrying sheaves with them.” -Psalms 126:5-6

Mind. Body. Soul.



Let’s begin on a genuine note: You are beautiful. Every piece of you was created with a purpose and out of love by God.  Your body is a holy temple containing internal and external designs needed for your God given destiny.

A temple can be categorized into three parts: mind, body, and soul. These three parts of you determine your health physically and sociologically. This blog will be about taking care of your temple for God; in this way, you are letting God provide your strength, not gain your own empowerment. Hence why this blog is called Divine Splendor. Divine means “from God” and Splendor is defined as beauty, elegance, grace, and magnificence. Indeed, God made you so that you reflect him and his magnificence. From God, you have beauty that shines in all directions for all to see.

There is a quote by Rick Warren that inspires me to take care of my temple for Jesus: “God created it. Jesus died for it. The spirit lives in it. I’d better take care of it.” I love the way he simply breaks it down to say I take care of myself because this mind, body, and soul is worthy of being holy. Taking care of ourselves enables us to become closer to Christ. There is something about purifying one’s mind of toxic thoughts, body of toxic habits, and soul of toxic bearings that leads us to power and freedom. The poisonous mannerisms in our lives can smother our desires for God’s enduring love. God wants to renew us into something more than what we used to be. With Him we can reach our highest point, a point beyond what we did not know existed.

So let’s take on this journey together of inviting God into essentially every aspect of our lives, since everything around us, everything we do effects our mind body and soul.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” -1 Corinthians 6:19-20