In my last post, I talked about the importance of spending quality time with Jesus. Today we are going to talk about what to do when you spend time with Him! The thing I love about spending time with God is that you can create it however you want!  The important thing is to value that time and have fun with it. When I first started to have daily time with Jesus, I was advised to try the SOAPS method. The SOAPS method is a devotion technique that is taken from the book “The Divine Mentor”. Now my time with Jesus flows together I do not even notice they are steps anymore.



This is step is reading the text from the Bible. Pick a book from the Bible and research the author who wrote it, what area they were in and the culture of that time. This is so we can fully understand the context the scripture is written in. With understanding, we are more than likely to misinterpret the meaning of the text. Before beginning, pray and ask God to highlight one part that of that text to you. Copy the verse down in your journal.



Take time to focus on the text. Set aside all distractions. Ask yourself who, what, when, why questions to remind yourself of the context. Then write out what observations Jesus points out to you.



Application answers the question “How does this apply to me?” Write out what impacted you and how you can live differently from what you just read. Learn from Bible and then reflect it on your life. Even though we are imperfect, as Christians we should strive to be Christ like.



Talk to God! Ask God to help you apply what He spoke to you from His word. This is feeding your relationship with God. Talking to Him helps you bond together. It may be hard at first, but you can literally talk about anything going on in your life and in the world. Just simply speak or write out your thoughts to Him.



This step is one I had added, because it my favorite part of my daily time with God! That is to turn on some worship music and sing out to God. It is a moment when you can let go of all your worries and give them to Jesus. Give Him everything. This is a moment of expression. By singing and praising God’s name you are showing how much you love Him.


The SOAPS method is a time spent with God. In this time, He cleanses, renews, rejuvenates you. I encourage you to do the SOAP method as much as you can, but do not get discouraged. This time is to build you up, not hold you up to some kind of high expectations. Jesus wants to be your best friend! How could we not spend quality time and learn more about our best friend?


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