Have Hope


Let me share with you what God is teaching me:

Being a college student and entering this whole new world of “I don’t knows” and “undeclared majors” is just now becoming a normalcy to me. Oh, and it only took two years… I have asked God so many times “What is my calling?”, “Which path should I take?”, and the classic “Can you just tell me what to do?”. I had to learn to be patience, because little did I know those answers were on their way and still are. Even though I have times that I struggle with not having a strategic plan for my future, God has already told me many times what I am called to do: to be still, make disciples of men, and have hope in his arms.

I once read an article about a choosing the right path in life and it told a story similar to mine: freaking out about knowing the plan God has for me. In fact, is was called “God Has Already Revealed His Plan for Your Life”. This article taught me that God put me on this earth for a reason. He has big plans for me to do his will and if my life starts to not reflect Christ, that is when I have made a mistake.

Then a couple weeks later I went on a retreat with my campus ministry: Chi Alpha. This was the moment when everything clicked and I fully understood what God wants me to do. During the retreat God taught me to have hope and reminded me that my life has a purpose. I was so focused on the future and what I am going to do after college that I had forgotten to focus on the present. God has me in an amazing place right now. I look around me and see more than I could have ever asked for. My life is flourishing with Jesus and if I do not nourish that now, then it will not grow deep roots to be able to thrive for a life time.

I still do not know what I will do after college, but I know what I am doing right now is what God wants me to focus on. He is teaching me to be content and patient by having faith that he will lead me to the next steps of my life, and He will tell me when that is in His perfect timing. Most importantly to contain hope in my heart for my future. Hope is a healthy optimism based on the assurance of God. Applying all of these, I now have a peace within my soul and that is good enough for me.


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