Crushing on You






As he sat down beside me, butterflies began to flutter in my tummy. Then he smiled my way and my heart took off racing. Why is this happening to me? I knew he was going to sit there, just like he does every day. No matter how many times I see him or talk to him, I still cannot get used to it; but there is something intriguing about him. Maybe it’s the way his hair flips or the way he laughs! I just wish I could find out so I would stop getting so flustered when I try to talk to him. Jesus, why???

When a twinkling feeling sparks in our hearts because of a real cutie, we usually freak out and our brains detach all commination from our hearts. Meaning, our actions and behaviors usually are pursued from what we feel, instead of taking a moment to think and proceed with our actions. In fact, there is a trick to slow down your heart and connect back to what your brain is saying: just breath! Breathing lets us take a moment to collect what all is going on, giving us a minute to think before we react.

Another thing we tend to do when we have a crush, is over analyze every detail. For example, you might say to yourself: “He said hi to me today, but all I did was wave… I should have asked him how his day was going!” It is nice that you are trying to have the best intentions; however, do not stress so much about it. Let everything come naturally and just be yourself! Always keep in mind, the real you are worthy of love and God has big plans for you.

I find it so helpful when I pray about my crush. It brings my heart peace and helps me remember that no matter what happens, if this guy is meant to be a part of my life as my husband or boyfriend or friend, God has a plan. If he is not meant to be a part of my life, that is okay! I had the amazing opportunity to care and pray for him! I think that is the best thing you can have between a person! Go ahead and try it out! Pray about your crush, Jesus wants to hear about your feelings and how you are infatuated by another child He dearly loves!


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